CURL SPONGE TO WAVES TRANSFORMATION | step by step | tutorial | by Dlucs_

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“Bodies” by Renegade Wave

“family First” by Classics Beats

“leave me” by SaharaBeats

“the last pablo” by Godr

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  1. hey, calm hand I really like your work! always on my mind hahaha … mano, I want to ask you something, I'm Brazilian and I want to work there in the USA! wanted to know how and the service for the barbers and difficult, complicated? thanks

  2. Swearing while making a video, while trying to be professional, is very UNprofessional. Definitely not worth becoming a subscriber. Work on your professionalism bro.

  3. Just did this myself today, what a coincidence thus popped on my feed

  4. My barber brother. The reason why the hot towel helps so much with laying the hair down is because the heat opens the hair shaft while the moisture softens the hair which help with the hair laying in the natural growth pattern since the hair was longer before the haircut

  5. Fckn fire!!!!

  6. he went from "hi nice to meet you" to "bitch get in my car"

  7. I know you didn't let out on the streets wit them eyebrows. Put him back in that chair!!

  8. Where is the shop?

  9. Push it to the limit

  10. Lookin like Nas in the thumbnail

  11. Bruh that cut was cold
    Also usually sponge curls look better in my opinion but waves suit him

  12. That's a really good haircut there

  13. Bro where can I buy some really nice sharp liners ?

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