Hey, guys! Welcome to another installment of Ask Doctor Mike. You’ve seen street magic, now get ready for street medicine. We took to the streets of NYC and offered passersby a curbside consult! Do you guys want to see more curbside consult videos? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

Questions answered for entertainment purposes only. All parties were directed to consult with their physicians before implementing advice given.

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Abhijeet Singh Sandal says:

Hey @doctor mike, i have short height as compared to all the sections of my class 11. 8 years back i did a bone age test and it delayed for 3 years. So technically, i am 16 now and my bone age is 13. When will my height grow? Should i do more tests?

Tina Baltvilka says:

I got a lot of headaches since a car crash I was in and no doctor I went to knew why is there a possibility it's serious my MRI showed nothing.

Kausar Shaikh says:

Good job dr. Mike lodzzz of love ❣

username says:

differences on x y z generations can see easily 😀

Afreen J says:

You should try this concept on university campus.
Sometimes a parental figure is not around to make a doctor's appointment when necessary.

Cody Hidalgo says:

I loved this video we desperately need more of these types of videos. Maybe do it in Burbank California 😉

Brandi Heller says:

OMG! I would totally move to NYC if it meant that I could randomly run into you like this! 😀

Lucia Coniglio says:

Truly a great video! I have a question that is scientific research related. Although this is quite ambitious, I am looking to start a non-profit organization. My father became terminally ill and died suddenly. I believe it was the misdiagnosis that led to his demise. The disease was not at all a life-threatening ailment. However, because of the misdiagnosis, it ultimately resulted in a weaker body, which made him susceptible to anything. I guess my question is how can I approach institutions or medical centers that provide research on rare diseases. I strongly feel that had these doctors knew how to diagnose my father accurately, he would not have died. So, I would like to work on the education side. Arguably, if it is a rare illness or ailment, there most likely is limited research on those topics and doctors will not be as well informed as they should. If doctors are well informed, they can hopefully make an accurate diagnosis. No family should have to lose a loved one because of a misdiagnosis. Any information you have would be appreciated.

Slam Dunkz says:

Dr.Mike: Is there anything i can help you with?
Me: Im actually about to rob a bank….

Sally Smith says:

Doc next time do it when I am around i have tons of questions

kryssy100 says:

Let me know when you are in London ….my mum will be there without hesitation!!

Marlene Lucero says:

i wish my Dc. was more like u i have Myasthenia Gravis he said that it doesen't give you pain but i have a lot of it all over the moreni use a part of my body the more tired next day it hurts a lot he said its just stress and depretion i never have depretion or a mental problem he give medicine for that i dont feel like it helps im still in pain and the medicine just makes me sleepy witch i hate

Kristine Stuart says:

How tall are you Dr. Mike?

Elise_ C says:

Compared to other people dr mike is just so tall!

Filip Gasic says:

You need neck exercises

Rachel Davis says:

My knees start locking when I walk for about 45min stright and if I do dead sprints.

Ayesha Siddika says:

When I workout, after 5 to 10 minutes I get a serious pain in my spine. It does get better after 15mins. But it keeps happening every time I workout. So any suggestions?

TheGamingIndian says:

5:26 OMG that is exactly what happens to me went to the doctor the doctor said the same exact thing and also checked for sinus something and nothing came off it. I'm so happy i'm not alone in this.
P.S. Binge watching resumed.

trumpetsandturtles says:

Hi Dr. Mike! I just wanted to comment on your word choice “Down syndrome child”. In the community of educators and therapists, we use people-first language so that a person is recognized first as an equal. This also allows room for their identity to be more than their disability. A better phrasing would be “a child with Down syndrome”

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