So yes, it’s true, I use NO PRODUCTS ON MY SKIN AT ALL! Holly does not like to follow the crowd, so if water works for my skin, then H2O it will be 💦

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cassiey Cheung says:

Maybe you don’t see the different now,but you’ll see the different years later.thats time will do to our skin.

annie danielle says:

we have all these products in the stores now because people have troublesome skin – i don’t know if you’ve suffered with acne before but I’ve been on 6 different medications for my skin and have used so many different products, finally now i’ve found the right ones and had clear skin for the first time in a long time recently. it’s not like acne has just popped up in the last 20 years, people have had it for a very long time and finally products are being introduced to clear it

Ashu says:

God ne aapko white banaya pr mujhe nhi

bluedranueg says:

Clarisonics aren't actually meant for exfoliation! They use lots of water flushing and a rocking motion with the inner most bristles to shake the dirt out of your pores and then flush it off your face with the water! So they don't fall into the category of a spin brush. But I'm glad you found something for much cheaper. The clarisonics are sooooo expensive and if you are looking for exfoliation then a spin brush is the way to go! Thank you for sharing! I've been binge watching your videos for like 3 days.

Jake's Exploration To Motivation says:

I like your opinion.

Mean_ Ice_phoenix says:

I dont have a routine either .i cleanse with rice powder thats it. And using fermented rice water for hair is working.i learnt it from some china village whose hair is super super lengthy and strong. I think everybody has routine, because the products to get marketed they will project as if if you dont do ctm then you will get wrinkles in your 30's and stuff.. My grand parents or my parents never done anything. Their skin looks very normal not great but normal.

Lucky Anthony Zulueta says:

What is that Wataa?

Swarapita Das says:

You r so lucky to have such a beautiful ,spotless, without dark circles clear skin!! Love you….

binita majumder says:

I just use a facewash for my oily skin n a sunscreen bc it's vry sunny here in India most of the time

T Rahman says:

Do you wear sunscreen holly? x

SHEI LA says:

I think was like you, then I started make up with 20 and then I clean the make up with products, then I use moisturizer to repare how dry was my face… And now I'm afraid XD to return to the point of using just water… I DON'T WANT PIMPLESSSSS AAAAHH

Dolllyy M says:

You have a great point. Before wayy backk no one used this things, they just used soap or just water and no oneee had dealt with acne but today everyone have eczema and acne. Read the ingridients of SLS and almost everything have Parfume. Would u originaly put parfume on your face? No. Well thats what ur doing, just hiden in the skincare product

Aiko Galvin says:

So as a teenager I was bound to get acne but I decided not to wash my face anyway, and literally my skin go so much clearer

Karina Chavez says:

I have hormonal and cystic acne and I am trying this! only washing with water and no makeup at all. I'll let you know how my skin is.

Duylikesrice says:

am I the only boi here that watch this? lol

snowy junior says:

Well, just plain water and moisturiser works for me now. But before I started my plain water and moisturiser routine I used soap, witch hazel and moisturiser and my skin was sooo bad. I had skin coloured bumps on my forehead and spots. But now, they are slowly fading away. I recommend you try thus whoevers reading this. And no, I don't drink my two litres of water a day, I barely get through a litre.

zebra 12325 says:

Yeah I saw a add that 90%of a certain part of women have a skin care routine and I'm like yeah I'm part of the 10% who doesn't and really I don't know I would need one all I really is also wash my face with water which gets rid of my oily skin for a bit so I feel like I should do one cuz everyone else does but from what I see people use so many different products and I just want to be able to use one that will take care of everything

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