Clear Skin in 1 Day?! | Trying Korean Skin Treatment in Seoul

Here’s a vlog from when I got an Aqua Peel last weekend! If you’re ever in Seoul, def get one…you’ll love it 😄💕


Renovo Clinic

Seoul Guide Medical (My lovely sponsor)

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  1. Baby baby geudaeneun 0:58

  2. Judging by the comments, youre the Beyonce of YT. The people love you

  3. If that hair is real it’s amazing!

  4. Intro song?

  5. It looked like she was massaging your face that must've felt good.

  6. Bruh i thought that you had foundation on , btw you look cute❤️

  7. The stare count!! DEAD

  8. Thanks for sharing! The aqua peel is called a hydrafacial in the states…they are definitely the BOMB!

  9. You didn't talk about the glutathione injection you got. I saw it on Seoul medical guide's channel. Is it effective?

  10. I don't have good skin either

  11. I never knew when you are in Korea they speak English

  12. what u talking about lala. u OUR Star!!!!

  13. You are really very very beautiful…….

  14. how much did you pay?

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