Clear Skin in 1 Day?! | Trying Korean Skin Treatment in Seoul

Here’s a vlog from when I got an Aqua Peel last weekend! If you’re ever in Seoul, def get one…you’ll love it 😄💕


Renovo Clinic

Seoul Guide Medical (My lovely sponsor)

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stray kids give me life says:

Baby baby geudaeneun 0:58

leesway says:

Judging by the comments, youre the Beyonce of YT. The people love you

xkandiekissesx says:

7:24 lol

JMB says:

If that hair is real it’s amazing!

Sitaa Miala says:

Intro song?

Juleen Forbes says:

It looked like she was massaging your face that must've felt good.

Kajfjanls Ndfbkaiej says:

Bruh i thought that you had foundation on , btw you look cute❤️

Adventure Society says:

The stare count!! DEAD

ashleigh samuel says:

Thanks for sharing! The aqua peel is called a hydrafacial in the states…they are definitely the BOMB!

liam hovart says:

You didn't talk about the glutathione injection you got. I saw it on Seoul medical guide's channel. Is it effective?

Desiree Loud says:

I don't have good skin either

Desiree Loud says:

I never knew when you are in Korea they speak English

TheDuchesse says:

what u talking about lala. u OUR Star!!!!

Navi Chauhan says:

You are really very very beautiful…….

Moon Seul Byul says:

how much did you pay?

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