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The solutions to clear, healthy and glowing skin are more simple than you’re made to believe.☟click to show more☟

IMPORTANT: Please note these tips are general tips on how to implement small and simple lifestyle changes to improve skin complexion. I respect and understand that other factors may result in suboptimal skin, such as hormonal issues, lack of sleep, etc. Please note in 8 minutes it’s difficult to address ALL possible skin types and concerns, but tried to touch on the tips I feel most people may be able to implement for improvement in their skin health. Thank you for respecting that like with most things in life, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

NOTE: I did not always have such skin. Like many others, I once had skin riddled with pimples, and some of my current “perfect imperfections” are the scars that remain on my hairline from it. The tips I share are those that I learned in my journey towards achieving such a clear complexion – and like I’ve mentioned: it takes time. Hope the tips I shared in this video will help others as well 🙂

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❤ Sadia



Beli Eve says:

Lovely ❤❤

sumiya rose mary xavier says:

can u please do a vedio on self eyebrow do

Dayan Apostol says:

You remind me of Blake Lively ❤️

Bee Mull says:

I really love this video. A serious diet overhaul helped me lessen the oily nature of my skin and hair, but it also helped me with other body ailments. I have read so many hacks for beauty and nutrition but this book the beauty of food was very informative and well written. It has helped my skin, hair, wrinkles, and more. I recommend reading this the woman is a genius with nutrition and beauty. Honestly, if we all look at it we are what we eat so we look how we eat right?! Good luck my fellow humans!

pooja upadhyay says:

Measures suggested by you are very authentic and to the point . Thanks … lots of love

alamanda pusparani says:

How about your hair ?

Isabella Papa says:

Love you and this channel! Such a pleasure to watch❤️

Angel Zareen says:

Hi sadia. You dont use sunscreen also?

Miahrella says:

That doughnut looked so good

Zunaida Chunni says:

Xcuzz ..bcoz of using cocntt oil..tha facial hyr is growing ryt?????

sanghamittra bhattacharya says:

After coconut oil don’t u use any toner or any product !!!

Leneta Chris says:

If possible make a video of how to make the perfect lunch, breakfast

Omkar Chavan says:

Every thing depends on r belief

kallia hlr says:

Actually, i believe it's a gene firstly and then other factors like nutrition, exercize, etc

Parendra Joshi says:


Parendra Joshi says:

My daughter tell you should be Miss Universe

Jitendra Chaurasiya says:

You are too cute, I really like

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