CLEANEST Low Taper | Beard Trim| Style Slick Back | Tutorial

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B G says:

Bro I’m in the north suburbs of Detroit area and work downtown. I cannot for the life of me find a barber shop like this. Anyone here in the comment sections ever seen a barber around here either on the gram or in person?

Marcia Prieto says:

Simply fabulous! Love it.

alex luna says:

I believe yeah its good to put your own price sometimes but just how you put your own price the shop should also get a cut of whatever extra you be charging, time is money but bills and rent aint free, I believe it has to work both ways for the shop and the barber, either work faster tryin to keep the same quality of cut and doing more clients or get all the barbers on the same page so everyone can win, Thats why is a barbershop that becomes a team. Or you can also just cut at your house , do house calls or rent a studio by yourself set your own prices and be your own boss.. Thats just what i think, but the cut is fire bro keep up the great work.

estebeaner says:

aye bro, so is the 0 guard for the andis fade masters close to the cut youd get with a 1/2 guard with some whal seniors.

Pooqua says:

I personally achieved the look of a savage Nazi SS officer and I am totally happy with it! Side note, I love giving my penis a low taper. Chicks are pretty impressed with it.

Jocelyn Rosas says:

That’s a hard haircut g

Andiee Martinez says:

But it's not a taper fade just a taper.

Jthebarb says:

Boy got mad ring worms

Eff tee Pee says:

Bro pitbull says the same thing on the song options with Damian Marley he goes something like "show me your friends,I'll show you your future,keep the change!"

Santiago Garcia says:

Nice cut but does the client have ringworm behind his right ear? Around the 10 minute mark.

Paul Harris says:

Looking good

Derrick Willett says:

Keep trying … you will get there. You need to sharpen you long hair blend game it looked terrible… the taper is one of the easiest cuts but your blend is amazing but the longer hair on the side was super un even and not right at all even when u put product and tryd to style it… it didnt look that good. Ohhh and stop with the hair enhancements push for natural always because it looks trash

Eric says:

mans lost weight during that cut

Nik Nak says:

Why do you have to cut above the hair line. It looks very unnatura. I'd be pissed if my barber messed me up like that.

TurdFurgeson571 says:

Ddlucs you need gloves that can hold up. These boys are getting laid because of you. You can't be setting a bad example with the glove game or your clients are gonna become fathers.

Thomas Oropeza says:

Dlucs, how do you like the ceramic blades on your clippers??

Ruhul Amin says:

Where is the barbershop? I need to book a haircut!

Rosmewhl says:

that man went from nerd to david beckham omg

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