China’s Village of Real-Life Rapunzels

For thousands of years, the Yao women of Huangluo Village have been keeping up an incredible beauty regimen, growing long, luxurious locks. Believed to symbolize beauty, wealth and longevity, long hair is considered sacred, and women in the village only cut their hair once in a lifetime when they are ready for adulthood and marriage. With over 200 women living in Huanglao, the village hopes to continue the centuries-long tradition, passing on their beauty secrets from generation to generation.


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  1. Im not from china but my hair is long like their hair

  2. Beautiful people, beautiful village. 3000 years village…OMG

  3. Wait she’s 80

  4. 1.6 meter long hair? That's like how tall I am and oh my god how do they not get it tangled?

  5. God people think this is long I see girls in my school with that length of hair

  6. I showed my mom this and when she said she washed her hair in rice water my mom immediately said “ok go put the title on a paper so I can watch it”

  7. I have a strong erection for some reason

  8. Coconut oil is my hair nectar.

  9. Imagine these women doing the 'whip my hair back n' forth' dance…

  10. I remember chinese drama where men have long hair,,it there culture i guess to have long hair.very beautiful

  11. How do you say, "Rapunzels, Rapunzels, let down your hairs!" in Chinese?


    After a year of this recommendation, i finally watched it.

  13. Does anyone know where i can find the background music at 1:10?

  14. After watching 'the grudge' I lost my attraction for women like that. Just reminds me of the possessed bitch from the film.

  15. Lice: WeRe wE DrOPPinG bOi'S?!

  16. They don't need to wear a cap in summers ha ha

  17. I’m Chinese why am I reading the subtitles

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