Cheap skin treatments and what to watch out for

Ok, I totally see your logic here, and am sad that this happened. You already know part of what I’m going to say. Which is never, ever skimp and go cheap for treatments that could affect your skin permanently, and this includes peels. See the last part of this for specifics on your questions above.

Dr. Irwin and team’s 5 commandments for deciding on skincare treatments:

  1. Find the best people/clinics in your area or close. Travel, if you need to, for excellence.
  2. Cheap is bad. There’s always a reason and it’s not a good reason.
  3. Check credentials. Is that “board certified” skin care expert really board certified in anesthesiology or family practice? Then you’re not getting what you pay for. Lately we’ve been seeing PhDs in nursing representing themselves as doctors. They have a doctorate in nursing, but they are not medical doctors (MDs).
  4. Same day sales pressure… run out the door. You have a right to be, and need to be educated and informed.
  5. Pick clinics with the doctor on site 2-3 days a week at least. Many med spas have a “medical director” who is literally never there, or there once a month. You want someone who knows how to fix complications, if you have one.

Ideas to help you!

There are a lot of different things in this type of situation that may be delaying healing. You need some help!

  • Can you see a dermatologist in your area and be completely honest about what happened like you were above?
  • You can go to the company site and see who they recommend for this procedure in your area.  They may be able to help.
  • Is there a major or university medical center nearby by where they have a great dermatology clinic?
  • Could you schedule a visit with the doctor who performed your blepharoplasty? She might have ideas for you.
  • The web, in my opinion, is NOT a good resource for this kind of problem.
Hope this helps,
Dr. Brandith Irwin
Founder, SkinTour
Director, Madison Skin & Laser Center
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