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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. I've never seen a man that takes care of himself until now.

  2. fckn cookie cutter.

  3. This guy is a batty boi

  4. Link to where you got those earrings bro?

  5. This guy is the best at his craft. Respect Dlucs. Greetings from France

  6. What brand blade is he using on his straight razor?

  7. The drake beard

  8. Dudes a trip, he’s real, and this channel is dope.

  9. beard is fire but doing ur eyebrows is hella gay

  10. i just wanna know where he got them earrings. need to cop me a pair.

  11. wax your cheeks

  12. What shears do you use? Made in Japan ?

  13. How you trim a wild/curly beard

  14. Bummer sexy ON POINT!!! Dlucs love all your content & knowledge!! Def have learned a lot of tips & tricks from you! Much love from Chicago!

  15. Whats the first beat name?

  16. bro you hilarious

  17. if you have a beard, yet you shape your eyebrows….consider your man card revoked! lol. shave your beard off…please!! having a beard is for men…not millenials that want to look "bummy/sexy".

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