Hi loves! Today I’ll be showing you a few of my top favorite product of 2018. Ranging from body care, skincare, makeup, home care and more! I hope you enjoy!

body oil & facial serum

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Name: Briana
Race: Black & White
Location: Florida
Age: 22
Camera: Canon Rebel T6i

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  1. Where do you buy the Juno sponge?

  2. What lip gloss are you wearing In the video ?

  3. You are sooo funny

  4. hair routine please

  5. Where is your top from?

  6. Can you list the products that you are showing in the video?

  7. I just recently discovered the Dove micellar water shower gel its soo good! Anyone that loves scents and smelling good will love it. I literally smell like the shower gel all day.

  8. do u wear contacts?

  9. why do people refer to women as females but men as men? not being annoying or anything but it’s an interesting observation

    edit: probably is annoying to decipher a single word like that but is it not weird that women are more prone to being denounced down to a sexual being than a man would. when you think deeper into it than “well a woman is a female” yes true but why doesn’t society also refer to a man as a male. it’s the sex factor that women are more looked at sexually than just being a mature woman. words carry energy and idk the energy behind that is all bad. sorry for being annoying, but it’s something to really grasp/think about

  10. Have anybody say u look like princess

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