BEST at home INVISIBLE individual lashes

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Welcome back to my channel!!! This is a tutorial on how I achieve the look of “invisible” individual lash extensions at home. Care and upkeep are fairly easy to do. Wash your face as you normally would. Make sure to brush through your lashes daily. Yes, I still apply makeup while lashes are installed. I haven’t damaged my own lashes using this technique. The extensions lasts me atleast 3 weeks before I have to touch up any fallen lashes. Any other questions list them below in comments!

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Maria Cordoba says:

How long do you leave them on for?

Bri Bri says:

Literally Mbn. Every glue I use isn’t sticking

Naturalista Rox says:

I did my lashes the very same way last night for an event, first time doing own lashes, and they look amazing! Very natural and inexpensive. Great tutorial sis!

Star Ham says:

After watching several videos, I am now confident to try them on my own because of your one video! Thanks♡

Nia Alexxis says:

I know this video is old but it’s the best individual lash tutorial I’ve seen looks even and very natural

Jazmine. says:

so satisfying

Samantha Buetow. says:

Hey ik this is prolly a dumb question but do you use regular lash glue for this ? & how many days these last ?

mary love says:

The glue that you used help your lashes last 3 weeks? What glue did you use?

Glo Mariee says:

those r nice!

Jessica Jenkins says:

Bomb!! Great detailed video& your eyebrows are sooo pretty.

Tee P says:

Wow. Those look great. Definitely will be using this video as a guide when i attempt my first set of individuals.

sashaajayleen says:

Do the lashes stay on longer when you apply them this way rather than on top? Or is it the same thing?

Shira Anil says:

Best review I have seen!

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