Beauty Standards Around The World – Photoshoot

Beauty Standards Around The World – Photoshoot

I hope you enjoyed my take on “Beautiful” around the world! This video displays only a small fraction of looks that could have been put together. Let me know if you’d like to see a part 2!

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  1. That thigh gap tho, whats your diet/exercise routune? Or does she just have the fastest metabolism in the west? Lol

  2. YOU LIVE IN OHIO!!!!! I DO TOO 0_0

  3. You Russian look so cool! With love in Russia

  4. Love so much your style!
    Russian fashion is just black clothes with a fur coat

  5. ka-va-ii eep

  6. Dude that a good Brazil outfit! Nailed it

  7. Do Puerto Rico ❤

  8. Africa anyone ???

  9. we love our Australian country! We do have such thing as Tasmania and Victoria and Canberra by the way! I'm sorry but that doesn't look anything like an Australian everyday outfit. LET ME HELP! Get an oversize band t-shirt and short denim shorts. Use sandals or thongs and we love braids, plats, or anything messy!

  10. LOL thank you for visiting Japanese fashion, I can give you bunch of info !!
    Kawaii means cute, it is just a word. But there is differences in Kawaii fashion sense, it ha smany genre!
    Lolita (childlike) modern term brolita is male wearing lolita!!! (I have many RL friends doing this, they look feminine !!)
    Ulzzang is Korean but the Japanese implant it in their fashion way before, but the Koreans have added new style of genre to it.
    This also enhanced many old genre in today's to look even more prominent, for instance, Gangaru girls (rebels) now do so!
    My favourite is Visual Kei VS Oshare Kei, visual kei is victorian style, oshare kei is opposite, same style, but not victorian colour, but rainbow!

  11. Oh and before this video I watched the bike story !! You should next go for Bousouzoku style XD 暴走族

  12. The Japanese lips… Why?

  13. dude, oh my god. so, i discovered you first ages ago and thought you were extremely gorgeous. but then you went off the radar, and now i rediscovered you and didn’t realize who you were because i’m not into Youtube drama. But i think you’re such a great person, and your content is also very interesting. i would absolutely love to see your skincare routine or maybe get some insight on your diet because you’re what i aspire to be

  14. Um the uk doesn’t have yellow school busses lol

  15. You should do another with like Ecuador, Greece, and like italy

  16. I literally have so much idea for outfits and then my brain is just "girl you are overweight so stop" lmao

  17. I really liked the Japanese (kawaii) make up look! Makes you look different in a fresh way

  18. Please do the phillipenes i love this

  19. anyone know where she got the red dress from in the Brazilian part? I'm in love with it <3

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