Beauty Secrets of the Worlds Hottest Grandma

Today an article came out about me in the daily mail,
“Beauty secrets of the world’s hottest grandmother revealed , Stunning glamour model says the key to her ageless look is four common beauty products.”

Product 1 Rose hip oil by Swiss, supermarkets.
Product 2 Macro organics Coconut oil, supermarkets.
Product 3 Oil based underarm deodorant, health stores.
Product 4 Moringa organic plant powder, alkalizing, abundant in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
All Chemical Free..
Watch the video and link to Daily Mail article below

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Frank Burrell says:

Gina, You are wonderful!!! It is always good seeing videos popping up on your channel. You always make me smile!!! You are going to be great!!!!

Angie Lenny says:

I just ran across this video on the side of the YouTube page. You are a very beautiful lady. I'm not saying this to be hurtful at all. I do admire people who try to use their experiences in life to help and guide others. I have a Doctorate of Nursing Science and It is difficult for me to see someone try to set an all natural platform when that isn't who they are. If this is what you want to show as how you like to try to live your life, you need to talk about the obvious. Breast implants are unnatural foreign bodies that should not be an elective choice for someone who wants to live chemically free. I don't want to hurt your feelings but maybe say something that may enhance your channel and brand. Even the new implants are foreign and unnatural and your body will do its best to try to encapsulate it to protect the rest of your body from them. If you want to teach others about wellness, you will win over more people with authenticity. Best of Luck!

MrPocztex25 says:

Gina please tell how do you use to colours you hair?

Lori Rogers says:

You needed to say..This is BPA “FREE” ..I’m assuming what was in the jar was coconut oil & you covered up the label!! And the deodorant what is the name of it? And the last product that has all the vitamins… Again you covered up the label and never said what it was maybe you can comment down below and see what the product was… Good luck. With the contest you’re beautiful no matter win or lose!!!

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