Beauty Secrets in Japan

Collagen. Probiotics. Skincare. Inner beauty. Diet. Fasting. These are just some of the things I chatted about over a cup of green tea in the heart of Tokyo at the offices of the delightful Minako Yamamoto, a beauty expert. While this took place last December, I thought I’d share it as some of Minako’s experience was on display here and learning about how Japanese value inner beauty as much as outer beauty was so incredibly refreshing and empowering, and a great reminder that beauty is more that just make up. Learning about Minako’s routine, her stance on beauty and health as someone who understands both eastern and western countries, her diet choices, and lifestyle say a lot about her culture and is a good reminder for us all. I was very grateful to have had the chance to chat over a green tea in her Shibuya offices while in Japan, and having amazing cameraman, Sam Perches, in tow, we decided to get a little fly-on-the-wall footage with some highlights. This video is part one of a bigger video in which I’ll be discussing more about what beauty really means to people. Over 20 years of travel and exploration into different cultures has given me a profound insight into what other cultures consider “beautiful” and it has inspired me in so many ways and on so many levels, personally and in my professional life and through to the nutrients I have introduced and products I have created, as well as OMI, my “Inside Meets Outside” line of skincare products which I’ll be highlighting in future videos.
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this little chat as an introduction into the inner beauty series. In the next installment I’ll be visiting one of Minako’s spas and having a unique skin treatment, as well as experiencing a hydrogen spa which is something that is gaining more and more popularity in Japan, and for very good reason too, as you’ll see next week in our follow up video.
In the meantime, thanks for watching and for your support of this channel. I’m excited to share these experiences with you in the hope that we can understand beauty in a way that is more than skin deep.
To your health and happiness 🙂

My Mission

Our health and wellness is our most precious possession. My goal is to help you not just survive but thrive by optimizing our vitality through functional foods, through nutrients, through movement (exercise), through beauty and through self-care. I’ve always considered myself a guide, an explorer, a discoverer who isn’t content with simply being told that things are the way they are. It’s this insatiable curiosity that leads me to travel, to touch and experience for myself, and see with my own eyes, to draw information and learnings from cultures all over our globe in order to share them with you so that we can all live a better life.
Join me on this journey and allow me to guide you to your better life today.


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Thank you very much! I learned a lot.

Barb Bandurski says:

Naomi, thank you for an incredible video. I didn't know that you had a line called OMI. I have also not received notifications of your videos even though I am subscribed and pressed the bell. This is content that I don't want to miss. Thank you so much for your time, content and effort.

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