BEAUTY NEWS – How To Re-Press Makeup

Quick video to show you a step by step method of re-pressing broken makeup. This is a re-upload from The Makeup Breakup Becca Champagne Pop episode. It is just a reference video for people who want to see how we re-press makeup.

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Kylie Huston says:

will this change the consistency because you put that in there ? just asking

christmas9lights says:

You lost so much product just destroying it and putting it back in

Tanita-Marie Keegan says:

What shade name are you wearing on your nails? It's sooo pretty!! xx

Athena1992owl says:

Could you add links to the products you use?

Melanie C says:

what I wanna know and with all due respect… is this kind of alcohol safe to put on your face??

Wdiftd says:

will this work with matte eyeshadow? if not what should I use? I've tried using rubbing alcohol before and it dried out my eyeshadow

Lucy Bishop says:

this is perfect because my champagne pop shattered thanks ladies glad I stumbled upon your channel

Suzie K says:

I am actually so excited to try to save a highlighter I dropped this way

Esmee Cisneros says:

Do you think 91% will work for my Ofra Highlighter?.

Mel G says:

Question. is water good for a cheap opinion?

Marisa de Winter says:

Do y’all have an affiliate link for the products mentioned, like Amazon? I’d like to support your channel through it if possible(:

Lyra says:

Does anyone know where I can get the alcohol without looking online? All the deliveries I've seen take forever

Brittney Boyer says:

I've actually been having issues with the fact that after I repress products, it makes it more pigmented (when you have to repress a rainbow highlighter, and it's more pigmented, it then can only be used as eyeshadow… trust me… haha.)

Any one have any ideas as to how to fix this issue, or anyone else who has been experiencing this issue as well?

Amy Eveleigh says:

What do you do when you add to much alcohol!!! Don’t know what to do to fix it

J Hughes says:

Thank goodness you made this video. I know it’s an older video now, but I’ve ruined so many things from repressing them incorrectly, so I “searched” how to repress, and found this in the list, and watched yours because I love you guys, and SUCCESS!!!!!!
My first successful powder repress!!!!! I’d been adding way too much alcohol and pressing way too hard, which caused instant hardpan in every previous attempt! So I used less alcohol, and pressed lightly, and it’s perfect! Thank you Kat and Hailey

Ali V-N says:

How have I been a huge fan of Beauty News for close to a year and a fan of Not beauty news from the start, yet I did not know about this video? Seriously? I'm trying it tonight wish me luck!

Agustin Colon says:

Sooo I just repressed an eyeshadow that was a really really deep brown almost on the brink of black. I used it for my eyebrows and it was a perfect shade match for them because my eyebrows aren't black but nor are they brown so it was perfect. But when I repressed it, it turned to a deep plum color… like what??? Sooo any suggestions on how I can get it to how it was before?

Amy d says:

Hand model hands. The nails are beautiful.

MissMagic says:

99% isopropyl doesn't sanitise, you need something between 70 and 90% to be effective at killing germs/keeping a product germ free. It can also dry products out and might be why you sometime experience cracking.

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