Beard Transformation_Sculpting Beard/Black Mask Tutorial_ by dlucs_

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  1. Take that dirty ass Boston hat off!!!!

  2. Obviously I don't have a beard but your videos are so much fun to watch. Plus you're voice and how cute you are makes it better.

  3. I’m the same way. I hate having my line all the way up as possible. I like it in the middle of my face.

  4. Pause at 9:44 don’t this nigga look like the bird from rick and morty?

  5. Holy fuck you just butchered his beard. Fucking retard

  6. beards on point but dear god do his nose hair bruh…..

  7. looks too unnatural

  8. 3:47 when nut and she keeps on sucking

  9. Nice work bro! What blade are you using on your "Slimline"?

  10. This man is so talented

  11. Make one mistake on this dude….KABOOOOMMMM!

  12. Why are you always so sweaty? You sweat like a obese person in the sun

  13. I like doing my beard myself but I’d definitely have you cut me up if I could , you good af !! I can’t tend to learn how to grow it out without keeping it shaped up with no flyaways

  14. Which trimmer is he using at 4:35 ?

  15. Lmaoo "yeah bro u might b goin bald"

  16. Black mask matters

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