Beard Transformation_Sculpting Beard/Black Mask Tutorial_ by dlucs_

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Gothems Joker says:

Take that dirty ass Boston hat off!!!!

Gwyneth Contreras says:

Obviously I don't have a beard but your videos are so much fun to watch. Plus you're voice and how cute you are makes it better.

Ryan Torres says:

I’m the same way. I hate having my line all the way up as possible. I like it in the middle of my face.

Ryan Torres says:

Pause at 9:44 don’t this nigga look like the bird from rick and morty?

SxundsTV says:

Holy fuck you just butchered his beard. Fucking retard

Arthur Czerniak says:

beards on point but dear god do his nose hair bruh…..

Moh S says:

looks too unnatural

Brenden Waits says:

3:47 when nut and she keeps on sucking

James Petry says:

Nice work bro! What blade are you using on your "Slimline"?

YJ Media says:

This man is so talented

Saj Begzino says:

Make one mistake on this dude….KABOOOOMMMM!

TooShortToTurn SS3 says:

Why are you always so sweaty? You sweat like a obese person in the sun

TheFutureTellsOurPast says:

I like doing my beard myself but I’d definitely have you cut me up if I could , you good af !! I can’t tend to learn how to grow it out without keeping it shaped up with no flyaways

NeOs says:

Which trimmer is he using at 4:35 ?

Aaron kaseumsouk says:

Lmaoo "yeah bro u might b goin bald"

Diet Coke says:

Black mask matters

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