BEARD DYE ENHANCEMENT AND SCULPT | Beard taper and dye tutorial | by DLUCS_

Sorry about any bad audio! idk why my mic was messing up for this voice over but tried to fix it up as best as I could!


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Misstuhh Waveman says:

Now I want to touch up my beard lol

TheGMP says:

Just in time for my beard trim

Mohamed Nadif says:

the barber look alike seann william scott

Rabid Toy says:

Dope video. You did a really good job.

Quit Parking In The Handicap Spots says:

Way to overdone like most barbers but at least you didnt fuck the neck up and line it up right under the chin, smh hate when barbers doing that. 1 finger above adams apple then straight across. Thats the perfect neck line.

1sick Cat4u says:

Look crooked at the final result,
Or is it just me

ScoobyDooUrMom says:

this looks awful. all this lines are way to sharp

Marcia Prieto says:

OMyG you are so sexy!! Love your beard

bzorro1 says:

Dlucs, great job brotha, I wish there were barbers in my city that cut beards like you do, damn. Would you suggest the Andis foil shaver for bald heads? Or is there something better? Keep up the good work brotha.

Ass Monkey says:

Nigga need to shave his arms

jack smith says:

Hi dude like your fades. I am a new barber and currently use a white and black basic wahl clipper combined with a wahl red detailer. I am looking to get a better machine and am looking at the Legend, Magic clip and balding clipper that wahl do. It is mainly for fading 1 to 1.5s and 1.5s into 2 not really much for 0 to 1. Also how come you prefer using a razor over threading for eyebrows ? Thank you!

Gello Pro says:

What kind of blade do u use on your slim line pros?

S Saini says:

Happy Holidays dlucs!

YAASSS! says:

Damn I thought the thumbnail was that fine red headed black man. Bring him back please.?!

A Z says:

My beard's long and curly af ain't nobody trimming my beard but me. Well done though sir!

sgorno says:

So how do you want your mustache trimmed up? I don't know … put it real high off my lip so I look stupid.

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