Bald Fade Under Cut W/ Braids // Step By Step //

Bald Drop Fade Undercut With Braids, Step By Step Tutorial

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  1. I’m bald, but I’m starting to dig the man bun look. My wife would HATE IT, if I grew my hair back lol. She already doesn’t like my beard.

  2. 6:10 fucked the side of his hairline up


  4. Nice job man! Your skill, knowledge and ethic are crazy! That's what people dream for in a barber. Keep it up!

  5. you're right man my left cheek is fuller than my right and i always trim to balance it

  6. They fck it up when they play jesus with the clippers geshhh

  7. lowkey wanna get my hair did like this LMAO it got a lot of growing to do

  8. When u gets these done to ur hair should u get it done before the haircut or after

  9. This cut makes me want to grow my hair back. Good cut bro

  10. Do a tutorial on a tapered hairline

  11. 4:11 My mans looking mad Hahahhaha!!!

  12. I don't even know how I got to your videos… But it's been helping me with my anxiety. I just love seeing the process and the final look definitely makes me anxious soul orgasm. I'm in Utah now but I always get hella juiced when I hear people coming from the bay or nor Cal. So happy to see you killing it!!

  13. Great barber for me, thanks for sharing.

  14. U got alot of Indian customers

  15. he got the best cut, line up, braids on youtube lol

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