Hi, guys! I’m excited to launch a new mini-series on my channel called Ask Doctor Mike. In this episode, I’m answering medical questions that Eva from MyLifeAsEva has always wanted to ask and exposing some medical myths along the way.

Hope you enjoyed our collab! Check out Eva’s video here —

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A Full Fat Production




Marcia Nicole says:

“Fancy words” jazz hands

Ty Robertson says:

@Dr Mike #Dr Mike What is your experience with cluster headaches?

A Faceless Voice says:

at 7:08 when she hi fived him with both hands lol

imnotmeami? says:

I could answer most of these questions and I wasn’t even very smart in scientific subjects in school? This is mostly basic common knowledge jfc

Mikayla Stewart says:

Honey you are Orange

Bearded Gecko Clan says:

Sooooo… Trump overdosed on carrots

Allyssa Wagner says:

So I have a platelet disfunction disorder and I cannot take things like Advil and ibuprofen so I can only take tylonal so I have been prescribed steroids for swelling like when I broke my hand,arm, and ankle are there any other things that could help swelling without having to be prescribed or having to take steroids thank you -Allyssa

heyhw5 says:

Dr Mike, please invest in a good stethoscope.

Harokoro says:

"you get orange"
Looks at trump

Neviyah Samlan says:

Brent vs Mike for Eva

Shuteen Lemery says:

who else think dr mike is handsome?? kale yeah

Bookmouse says:

lol it sounded like he was trying to sell breast cancer on a late-night infomercial. IT'S NOT JUST FOR WOMEN!

Fimali says:

White bread or wheat bread? I heard wheat bread is hard(er?) to digest but healthier.. which bread is better??

Blakelee Ellis says:

6:13 I am crying laughing

Marcy Whitesell says:

How old r u and how long have u been a doctor? Wjat kind of doctor r u and where

Jabe JaBe says:

When i was little, my parents fed me with so much carrots that my skin actually turned a bit orange!

amanda hogarth says:

She looks so so soo orange

ItzThatGirl Kenna says:

Am I the only one that saw cop car lights in the Television?????

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