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Hey, guys! Welcome to Ask Doctor Mike part II ft. YOU. I asked you on Instagram to send me your questions and you did…across all social media and from many different countries. Thanks for all your submissions! If I didn’t get to your question in this video, don’t worry – we’ll do another Q&A soon 🙂 Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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mykle orcherton says:

Hi Dr. Mike. Do you have a favorite TV show or movie, or genre of TV show or movie that you like when you just want to turn off your brain and relax for a bit?

yesenia reynoso says:

You are such an authentic person.

Robert Vilchis says:

I have asthma like her too

Robert Vilchis says:

And sickle cell

cadenza1979 says:

I don’t know where else to ask this question. In 2015, I was in the hospital for a few days for stomach problems that they could only diagnose as gastroenteritis. They gave me antibiotics, Cipro, and even morphine for pain. My stomach bloated like never before, and now if I eat anything my stomach bloats. I’ve never been the same and it’s disheartening. I was a runner and I LOVED it. After a back injury, I had to back off because I didn’t want to be taking so much ibruprofen. I gained the weight I had lost through running and now I’m experiencing gallbladder problems. I really want to know what happened to my body in the hospital for me to not feel normal again. Also, what can I do next? I’m scared to have my gallbladder removed although it has been suggested. I don’t usually have medical problems so I’m just scared and I just want to run again. Encouragement is accepted as well as advising.

charity alexander says:

Hey doctor mike what are some ways to help depression

Lord Nairvehlius says:

That gif with the removal of eyebags! lol

Caitlin Cass says:

i’ve been diagnosed with Celiac since 18 months, do you know if there is any cure in the near future?

Dorothy D says:

Just curious… are you wearing or have you wore eyeshadow in your videos?

Social Media Meham says:

Any advice on how to help neuropathy from Arnold Chiari Malformation Type One? Will Yoga help, I have thought about getting back into it. Is an allergy to Hops in most beers related to other health issues, just a shot of beer has me puking it back up, but hard alcohol, wine, etc, has no such.effect. I have mild egzima which only shows up as tiny red spots on my torso from time to time, and the occasional bigger blotch on my neck; but the only irritating symptom I experience on a regular basis is itch and burning ears and at times my nostrils. I also get itchy and irritation near the nose area of my eyes, strange I know. My doctor says my issue with internal fissures isn't related, but could they be. A colonoscopy in my 30's showed no signs of GI problems like pallups. Don't get me wrong, I generally feel healthy, and my meds for the Arnold Chiari have helped a lot, and folks always say I look 5, 10, or more years younger then I am. Thanks.

Charlsi B says:

Doctor Mike, Every time I lay down to go to bed my nose clogs up how do I prevent that from happening.

Gina Mcintyre says:

My daughter has Von Willebrands disease and is getting her wisdom teeth removed. They only want to give her one dose of Humate P. I am fighting the doctor about it. Thoughts??

Creatives for a change UTM says:

How can we take preventative actions to avoid Alzheimer's/Dementia in old age?

Anthony Bell says:

i was told i had asthma when i was like 4 and i still have it at 17 and it kinda sucks, but it's gotten better recently after 2015

Anne Magguilli says:

I’m allergic to fructose do I have to almost live my the fobmap Diet

Grammar Nazi says:

I’m watching this while throwing up and having diarrhea right now. I hate the stomach bug.

lailatul khikmah says:

yeayyy.. looking foward for the next video..

Ellie Tucker says: Med school musical!!!

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