Hi, guys! I’m excited to bring another episode from the Ask Doctor Mike series. In this episode, I’m answering embarrassing medical questions that Ricky Dillon has always wanted to ask but may not have been comfortable with his regular doctor. My goal is to make medicine fun, interesting, and less intimidating. If you’re with me please give this video a like and comment down below!!!

ALSO, we did a hilarious sketch on Ricky’s channel. You have to click the link and watch that video now!

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Andrew Seals says:

Question about sweating again, seems like you get them a lot, my hands sweat all the time for absolutely no reason really annoying tbh. I would go to the doctor but the Navy doctors would probably just tell me to drink more water and change my socks so do u have any recommendations. Thx so much!

RussianMusic0212 says:

There’s no hate in my heart nor in the intent of my words… I just really wish Dr. Mike would come out already.

Michelle Andersen says:

The whole passing out while drawing blood happens to me too, but only if they draw it on my left side, my doctor said it could be something with the vein on my left side. Is that true? btw I am not afraid of needles, and the whole passing out thing has been ever since I was a kid. I just find it so weird, since I´m able to get tattoos without any complications….

Kamy Playz says:

Oml this made me laugh so much. Omg now im like ricky i need to pee im laughing so hard

Anthony Bell says:

when i was younger, i had a tree branch poke my lower eyelid, and ever since i flinch whenever i see pointy objects

BullShark says:

I have white pee!!

lailatul khikmah says:

can people with schizophrenia fully recover? can they live a completely a normal live? is it also possible for them to stop drinking prescribe medication? I mean do they have to take meds forever? thank you for the new insight. I love the video. #warmsgreetingsfromindonesia

Jyoti Singh says:

I am from india and live in canada. I thoroughly hated my first travel from india to Canada due to 22 hours long journey. I vomited for almost last 3-4 hours before landing. I have to travel back to india in January and i am hell scared. Due to constant vomiting i develope migration which makes it even worse and i feel like i am gonna lose my life. I have very bad motion sickness. To prevent this i usually take anti vomit pills, but the pill s effect wore off during that journey. What should i do to control the situation.. i am very scared to travel alone just because of this..

Emma M says:

Of course you sweat bc you are hot you are DAMN HOT

Josem B. says:

"this part of my arm is like my eyes too" Okay relatable I didn't know anybody else felt like that. MM I also pass out when I get bloodwork 🙂

knightingale says:

I'm not even gonna pretend "my friend" is like this cause I related to at least two of those questions.

One, I sweat a lot. Dr. Mike suggested a life hack, but I shower in the morning. I don't see how putting anti-perspirant before bed would help me. Any alternatives?

Two, I pee a lot. Not even once an hour, once each half hour. I might be good as is, but should I see a doctor?

Jenn Sherillo says:

Dr. Mike, can you please give me any tips to minimize getting sick during my flight to Israel next month December which is a 10 hr direct flight I leave at 8pm so I will hopefully sleep for most of the flight. For example use hand sanitizer or wear a mask or drink water to stay hydrated? Maybe I should bring a few cleaning wipes to clean off the hard surfaces where I’m sitting? Thank you for your suggestions! Jenn

Christina says:

This was awesome !

Chloe Robinson says:

Him: im a mess
Me: so am i

Chemical Kid says:

why do people get nervous for know reason

Nina Rocks says:

RICKKYYYYY omg I miss him so much!

Amanda says:

That life hack alert is so cute

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