Around The World Beauty Secrets: Aloe Vera

Around the World Beauty Traveler Stephanie Flor travels to Peru and discovers Aloe Vera. The Amazon rainforest provides a myriad of natural resources including water, oxygen, and healing plants like Aloe Vera.
Aloe Vera is grown widely throughout Peru and has been used for centuries as a healing plant to Help heal and nourish the body.
On my trek to Machu Pichu we visited a locals home along the inca path. They introduced us to their #1 beauty remedy Aloe.

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  1. I love your channel can u subscribe to me?

  2. Would love to try fresh aloe Vera on my skin!!!

  3. I need this in my life!!

  4. Love your channel ! Very interesting and educational ! 😀

  5. Interesting video on aloe, didn’t know all of this before watching.

  6. I love using Aloe Vera for my hair, it’s so nice to learn more uses for it!

  7. I use aloe after being in the sun to refresh my skin or if I get a sunburn it really keeps the pain down.

  8. Why am I not using this legit everyday!!!! Something so simple and natural! Yet so effective! I need to sleep in it lol

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