Around The World Beauty Secrets: Achiote The Lipstick Tree

Around the World Beauty Traveler Stephanie Flor travels to Peru and Ecuador to discover the Lipstick Tree.
Throughout Latin America you will discover the sacred achiote plant that has been used for centuries throughout the Inca and mayan civilization. Rich in color Its filled with red seeds that is used as makeup,body paint, hair coloring and dyes for textiles and food. Join me on this journey to get painted using this sacred beauty ingredient from the Amazon.



Anita Aguirre says:

So cool! I have never seen where the achiote came from! Always use it for food coloring

Brenda Garcia says:

I'm so used to using it as a powder in my food but never see it in its raw form! Its so cute haha

kimberly joy says:

I never knew how versatile achiote could be!

Patience Grigsby says:

This is very cool, I didn’t know about this

Rachel Estabrook says:

Come on! Og body paint!
You've been all over girl! You're making me want to hop on a plane right now!!

And it's so smooth! All from a plant!

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