Arabian Beauty Secrets / Hacks | 100% Natural

Sharing with you all some of Arabia’s beauty secrets passed on from generation to generation. All products mentioned are natural and safe to use.


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  1. Beautiful video…. Really benefit of it…. Thanks to my darling aisha

  2. Can you list who the product are buy and where to get them

  3. Masha Allah

  4. You look exactly like my cousin!

  5. I leave in Calgary, Alberta-Canada. Can I BUY YOUR Mom's Bakoor oud made by your MOM

  6. Quite informative video. Love the way you explain each and every detail. Love from India

  7. We have luban in Somalia too 🙂

  8. I really enjoy your videos. The presentation style you use is soothing and allows your knowledge sharing to be the star. Thank you!

    You asked if your viewers have suggestions for other cultures you can share. My friends and I are trying to research medieval cosmetics and body health from the Arabic and Turkish world. We are interested in Persian ideas, Il-Khanid, Arabic … basically anywhere along the silk road but especially in the 13th Century. Also, any books or research titles you might recommend. Thank you so much for asking!

    Now, off to figure out how to have a Hammam at a camp site … Thanks for the ideas!

  9. You are just look like bangladeshi girl….

  10. Aisha how are you doing very nice video

  11. I love your videos..

  12. Please list the products and where to purchase.

  13. you are so beautiful

  14. You know whos not 100% n
    NOT natural …you

  15. Interesting mashaAllah

  16. Plz shair the link where did you buy..

  17. A Moroccan bath sounds great.

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