Apply Vaseline On Your Skin & See The Magic | Top 5 Vaseline Beauty Hacks By Vla Da

These are 5 top vaseline beauty hacks.This is a diy school hacks which are school beauty hacks . School Beauty routine which girls from school can follow. This can be your school beauty routine for back to school . If you want to look fresh and glowing for your school and you want to get beauty and long hair these top 5 beauty hacks for school will do the trick . It is a video of 5 awesome beauty hacks. If you have dark circles, clear skin, dark spots, long hair, glowing skin & much more.

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Maira Home says:

Vla Da.. Very Nice video dear.. few words for you ..! you are such a cute princesses ❤ i just like❤❤❤ new friend❤❤❤

Abeera Aqsa says:

nice informational vedio about vasline thank you maam jaza Allah

Prasad P Patil says:

Can i get ur contact nmber or address or make a vedio for oily acne pimples clear

Mubina Arham says:

I have realllllly dark lips nd they aint getting lighter by any means
Plllllz give some remedy which can show very quick results

Vaishnavi Tripathi says:

I m having soo much pimples in my face..Can vaseline help me??

Jariqueen says:

What brand of aloe vera gel was that? ?

El Auria says:

I wouldn't be either in that stuff on my face it's nothing but petrochemicals unless you trying to kill yourself

Amrita Prasad says:

Can v put the lemon n Vaseline combination over the eyelids as well to lighten the darkness of eyelids???

Hetal Vaghela says:

Hey vla da your hacks are really affective thank you so much please make more videos for our skin

Abdullah Rajpoot says:

Your channel is the best beauty channel in the world

Neelam yadav says:

dark circles ke lye kam Krga na plz reply

Neelam yadav says:

dark circles ke lye kam Krga na plz reply

Neelam yadav says:

Microwave na ho to

Zara Raj says:

Til when we can store these mixtures??

teresa p says:

How is lemon bad for your face?

MSLMAH Aa says:

ياالفتاه.الجميله ممكن تكتبي ترجمعه بالعربي

Google Account says:

mame i will use for dark spots because i have it plenty
i found all your hacks so amazing and i will try all of specially for the lips 4 sure

وردة ابنت الإمارة says:

Can you help me please

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