Apply Individual Lashes like a REAL Professional Lasts 3+Weeks Tutorial

Professional Individual Lash Application Tutorial applied by Mrs. D. Renee’ Eyebrow,Lash, and Makeup Guru

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  1. Hey I know this video is old…but can you do a 2018 I need to see clearly if you laying the lash on top of the original lashes or are you putting it on the top lash line…I could barely see

  2. Clumpy and heavy. And thumbs down for your attitude towards ppl who gives their opinion. Unprofessional.

  3. glue dosnt stick on lower lash??

  4. I see you didnt lay the bottom lash line down with a gel pad. Did the bottom lashes get glued to the tap lashes? Just curious

  5. You rude as fuck

  6. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. wow at least I learn something it's so cool. but mind don't stay for long, pls where am I going wrong?

  8. you are covering half the lash with glue. what tha'

  9. Lol at all the professionals in the comments telling you how you should do your thing.

    This is a technique. It’s not for everybody and that’s okay.

    Save the negativity for the mirror.

  10. Don't remember seeing it, but what is the name of the glue u used?

  11. What glue do you use ?

  12. Where did you purchase the glue and how long does an application like this typically last on your Clients?

  13. you mixed both glues together?

  14. This was so helpful!!! I was never taught individuals
    I'm still paying $20k in student loans after I wasted my time going to a Paul Mitchell school being taught by white girls who only knew how to work with white girl hair

  15. Subscribed!!

  16. Hope you have video to remove lashes

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