Anti-Aging Foods That Can Prevent Wrinkles and Help Ward Off the Effects of Aging

Lisa Oz shares the anti-aging foods that can help build collagen and prevent wrinkles.

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  1. Unfortunately produce now has very little nutrients and toxins. Grow your own or spend a bundle on pure Whole Foods.

  2. I was watching the recipe why did it just stop ugh lol

  3. Great information Dr OZ love the show

  4. Weak up people, This guy is doing advertising, Check out Dr. Berg he has all the knowledge, and true information that will help, he will change your life .

  5. neither of these 2 seem to have much knowledge.. I’ve seen other folks aging better with more beneficial techniques..

  6. She’s selling the diuretic aspect but… you’re supposed to drink lots of water to hydrate your skin… I hate daytime tv…

  7. She looks 20!!!!!!! ☺️

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  9. WTF! What a weirdo Dr. Oz , talking about human skin, and then awkwardly drawing a heart around that orange. Just odd.

  10. Good food is the answer.


  12. I grew up eating millet every day breakfast, lunch, dinner it’s one of our staple foods in Southern Africa

  13. Successful aging is not the imitation of youth it's about feeling the best you can regardless of your age your health is your wealth

  14. Dr oz doesn’t have anything on Dr. Berg !!!! Dr. Berg is the bomb!!!!

  15. How about Blueberries?

  16. ABC- Adorable demo, beautiful food and clear description. Thx Dr. Oz.

  17. what a great video, you speak from nature. keep it up

  18. The lady is wrinkled…the real secret is natural detoxing as you drink lots of water and a balance diet…and try finding work like mine….

  19. the best anti aging is a vegan diet, gym and not over drinking and using sunscreen.

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