hey everyone!!!!!

Here’s my super short and simple skin care routine, I hope you enjoy watching 💕

I put down some links below if you want to know where to buy the products!

FACE WASHé-Charcoal-Anti-Blemish-Cleanser-200ml/p/759719?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI97ywjq332wIVQZztCh0RlQEgEAQYAyABEgK1-PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CN2M1bmt99sCFWmiUQodiLwO1w

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR … literally every grocery store



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  1. The cleanser. Image scincare acne killer cleanser is the best from the world.

  2. How do you have 40k in 3 months?!

  3. Those eyes wowwww.

    You’re like my ex but like 10x hotter.

  4. Omg your picture is going viral on instagram, I didn't know it was you

  5. Apple cider is too strong dont put it on any type of skin unless u thin it with water.

  6. Oils don't moistruze your skin thry just lovk whatever cream/ u put in.

  7. Can someone try this routine and give an update?

  8. Hi, do u recommend the same for the boys aswell?

  9. Wowww are you dutch??

  10. Omg hunny the lord favored you, you're gorgeous as hell

  11. Loved the video <3

  12. Hey Guys! I found this amazing product for clear skin! works wonders!
    Here is the link ! 🙂 Hope it works for you too!

  13. wow she’s gorgeous

  14. Hi! I found you in twitter and i just wanted to let you know you’re gorgeous regardless. Also i was having serious problems with my hyperpigmentation and i searched how removed them immediately, and i found out about apple cider vinegar. The link of the video is so i started the apple cider vinegar journey however the video warned me that i’d get subclinical acne like the small bumps, my dumbass thought “anything to remove my dark spots” but i definitely regretted it after 2 weeks. The change it did to my face is minimal but the small bumps (subclinica acne) increased out of my control. Until now i face the consequences of my actions. Idk if it’s really the ACV as toner but the results it did to my face was very similar to the video i watched.

  15. Rare eye color..
    You're beautiful.

  16. ahhh ur so gorgeous

  17. Thank you for tips!
    I will try to stay more hydrated and not eat junky food.
    Will also consider buying argan oil.

  18. Your “bad skin” is my dream skin

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