Affordable Mink Beauty Supply Store Eyelashes 😍

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  1. Yo hooops look cute yo

  2. Luv this vid

  3. Girl where you from? Cause I live in Cali and I can’t find any beauty supply stores that have these.. what’s the name of the one you go to? ❤️

  4. Let’s support each other

  5. I tend to be allergic to glues which sucks but I was just curious which glue do you use. Btw you’re gorgeous would love to see a skincare routine.

  6. I subscribe to your channel boo I love your vids can u subscribe to each other ❤️❤️

  7. girl i think you are an amizing girl. and i just helpt you to get 10k subs no thx ly<3

  8. Who care s about u picking them up from the store. I wanna see how u put them on

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