Erik Conover New York City Vlog ft. Doctor Mike!

Good ole New York City vlog! Crazy week giving a talk with Doctor Mike about social media marketing, Planet of the Apes World premiere with 20th Century Fox and pitching an exciting project with Sheffdaddy!

Erik Conover Vlog
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Doctor Mike:

snapchat: erikconover

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  1. To the left. to the left

  2. Who else came here because of doctor Mike?

  3. Woow dr mike

  4. Thanks for sharing your video! I made sure to like and subscribe !!

  5. my goodness you are handsome.

  6. Doctor Mike he is such a hottie !!!

  7. Couldn't agree more re your beliefs about passion, it's so infectious! 🙂

  8. I am part of the OG group! I joined at about 100 subscribers.

  9. I don't like this movie because its a "repetitive" movie. I am not a hater but i am just sayin it.

  10. You look great as you age man. I like you I mean the new you not the old you 😀

  11. I must say I miss the good ole vlogs. But, I know all things change. Happy for your growth:-)

  12. omg that bulge in white pants.

  13. i loved this!! Keep them coming 🙂

  14. Did you just call your bed Sebastian?

  15. Hey Erik, my week has been pretty crummy. Actually since last year, but your videos cheer me up and help me escape reality, even if its for a little while. Thanks man

  16. I dunno having these white boys telling me to have passion… No offense but when you are white tall and hot the world is yours. Try being "passionate" if you are short, fat and ugly.

  17. Awesome vid brother! Great meeting you… Really looking forward to filming some fireeeeeeeee!!!

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