9 HEALTHY HACKS for a Busy Person ll Make full time work/study easier!!

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Caira Button says:

What did you use to make your youtube intro? Its amazing!

Minisbakery Silver says:

Yas gyal!!! You are so amazing! Loveee❤️❤️❤️❤️

Olivia Duff says:

What planner do you use?? xx

Katie Sweat says:

Thanks for sharing! I have struggled with balancing a full time job and fitness after college as well, so this will def help get back to healthy habits 🙂

Danielle Halsall says:

Which camera do you use for vlogging/videos?

Maria Christofi says:

So nice, amazing video, i hope one day i will make video likes yours

郑雪 says:

Wow I like you, like your video. This is the second video of your channel, and the first one is about what you eat in a day and your morning HIIT workout. I really like this video because i have same problems between balancing full time work and workout. BTW, i am a researcher in the university. I really want to be a good and concentrated researcher, and make contributions to my research field. At the same time, i really want to be fit and have a nice body, which i think i have when i was at school. Because in school the time is more flexible as you mentioned in the video. But when the work starts, i am tired mentally and physically and sometimes i just don't want to go to the gym and lift……These tips are quite useful. But i really don't think i am a morning workout person without breakfast…. i tried once but, it really lose muscle for me…..I don't know how you keep muscle if you keep working with a empty stomach in the morning. BUT thank you for sharing this with us. I like you, again! Hope you can be a bikni competitor and make a wonderful video with that.

Angie Queale says:

Love love love!!! And I love that you reiterate on the same topics each video because it means that you actually do what you say you do instead of saying something different in all your videos. Thanks so much lovely. ❤️❤️

Bec_O says:

Recently found your channel and LOVE your videos! Could you please do a video on podcasts and maybe books that have helped you? Thanks!

Luanne Roberts says:

new subbie! I binge watched about 15 of your videos this week and decided to subscribe. thanks for the great tips. much love from Trinidad and Tobago:-)

Momoneylee says:

Awesome pointers!

Matlan Steed says:

You inspire me to plan and to be productive. Your tips help me SO much, and they're super logical! Thank you xx

Jessica Walla says:

I think the tip for taking a rest day during the week instead of Sunday is life changing! I think I'll incorporate that and also shoot for super productive Sundays. Love it!

Bella says:

1.plan your week ahead
2. Workout in the morning
3. Get your steps up
4. Meal prep in the evening
5. Rest day during the week
6. See a friend
7. Super productive Sunday

Karolina says:

What time do you go to bed?
Really inspiring person!

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