81 Year Old Gorgeous Woman reveals the simple secret behind her timeless beauty!

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Ever since her big screen debut in 1950, Sophia Loren has been renowned for two things: her acting talent and her timeless beauty.
Now, at 81, the legendary star still enjoys the frequent compliments she receives about her good looks. But as she told TODAY’s Al Roker, those looks aren’t what she considers to be conventionally beautiful. Her curves and beauty could certainly rival that of Marilyn Monroe. Even though many years had passed, instead of fading with the passage of time, Sophia Loren looks have only been enriched by her experiences and wisdom — like a fine wine that gets better with age. Now she is already in her 80s. Although she is aging like everyone else she looks more radiant and healthy. In fact she looks very much younger than most people her age. Do you wish to be like Sophia Loren, growing old slowly and gracefully? Let’s see her anti-aging secrets!
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