8 Awesome Health Hacks Which Can Help You At Times

Sometimes, a simple tip can do a lot more than what a medicine can do. In fact, that is why home remedies are becoming more popular than over-the-counter pills.

Actually, it is better to reduce your dependence over pills as much as possible. Health hacks do work. For example, look at a tree (which is green) when you are stressed out in your work place. You tend to feel relaxed!

Get some sunlight if you are feeling low. You will feel better. This way, some simple health hacks do work. Here are some awesome health hacks which can help you at times.

Tips #1
If you are suffering from stuffy nose, simply cut an onion into 2 pieces and place the pieces by the side of your pillow while going to bed. When you wake up, your nose would be clear!

Tips #2
When a mosquito bites you, spray a few drops of deodorant on the bite to get rid of the stinging feeling.

Tips #3
If you are suffering from insomnia, make it a habit to take a cold shower before bed. This will reduce your temperature and help in falling asleep. It also reduces stress and increases blood circulation.

Tips #4
When you are crying uncontrollably, if you wish to put an end to your tears, keep your eyes open and stop blinking for a few minutes.

Tips #5
If you suffer severe headache after drinking alcohol, dip your hands in a basin that is filled with ice cubes and some cold water.

Tips #6
Though most of the students try to study early in the morning to grasp a new subject, your brain tends to recall the content you read before sleep.

Tips #7
If you feel too drowsy or dizzy as soon as you wake up, simply get up and put your right leg on the ground and ensure that your feet touches the floor. This will help your brain find its orientation.

Tips #8
When you are unable to control your urge to pass urine, try to think of romance or intercourse. This will reduce the pressure down there and meanwhile you can find a washroom nearby.

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