7 Health Benefits of Green Tea & How to Drink it | Doctor Mike

Hey, guys! Today, I’ll be telling you about the 7 scientifically proven health benefits of green tea and how to drink it to maximize its effects. Remember what you drink is just as, if not more important than what you don’t drink! So if you replace an unhealthy soda with a green tea, you will see even more health benefits. Share with your friends/family and give this video a like! Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6

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  1. please kiss me 🙂 heheh

  2. Sugar free gums are they any good or are they harmful?

  3. Doctor I would like loose my weight can you help loosing my weight . Tell how much important for loosing weight using Green tea??

  4. If u good u gotta have haters like ur green tea energy lol

  5. So how do I make green tea without boiling water?

  6. Dr Mike! True tea aficionados brew only loose tea, not filter bags.

  7. what about white tea??

  8. I am a 15 year old and I drink geen tea once daily , is it okay?

  9. Hello Dr. Mike, what hour of the day is best for drinking green tea?

  10. Hello sir…. I dnt why but I always get attracted to your videos…. May b I wanted to be a doctor but unfortunately I failed to crack the pre medical test ….i love all your videos…. Best of luck for further heights of success…..

  11. I love lemon water! There are so many benefits for the body, and I definitely feel healthier with it. Here you will find a really great lemon óleo. A single drop corresponde to 17 lemons. Follow me at – @nataldoterra and know more!

  12. Does earl grey tea have any benefits?

  13. It does help your metabolism I know this for a fact! But I also drink about 5 cups a dya

  14. Good video, thanks so much and yes you’re very handsome

  15. lol you're so funny and at the same time I'm learning, my best way of learning

  16. God damn! You’re so cute, Mike!

  17. While I truly believe that green tea is a superfood, Dr Mike, and think you brought up CRITICAL points, my favorite part was: Don't cheap-out. Love that. If you don't mind, I will adopt that expression…*Thank You* for creating such an important video with an EXCELLENT delivery (IMSO) – Yay ! (and, hence, causing more people to view). New subscriber…Blessings.

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