6 Simple Ways to Slim Down Your Face! Give them a Try! Natural Facial Slimming Tips

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Having a big round face not only makes us look fat also makes us look older. You can add some daily habits to slim down your big round face easily!

Here are “6 Face Slimming Tips” you can start doing today!

(1) Use cold water to wash face
There is a principle in physics called “thermal expansion and contraction”.

Cleaning our face with cold water can tighten the pores and help shrink down muscles on the face to achieve a compacting effect.

(2) Try “a (ah) o (Oh) e (Ee)” exercise
When doing this exercise, try expand the mouth must do the greatest limit and do this exercise 30 times everyday.

The facial exercise is very popular in Japan.

Avoid chewing gum. Frequent chewing exercise will make masticatory muscles bigger and make our face wider.

(3) Facial Massage Before going to Bed
Use your palm to rub the meaty spot on your face before going to bed.

Rub and massage for more than 5 minutes, stop when the face feels hot and a little red.

You can also do this exercise in your free time so that the excess fat on the face can be gradually removed.

Full Exercise: Do facial Massage by rubbing the face for more than 5 minutes and then do “a (ah) o (Oh) e (Ee)” exercise!

Remember to read out loud with the pronunciation of the mouth to the maximum extent(mouth up and down, left and right to pull to the maximum extent). This can help slim down the face a lot faster!

(4) Cheek Muscle Exercise
Cheek is the largest part of the face. Cheek exercise can make the cheek thin and slim.

Facial care is always useful for keeping your cheeks tight.

Always use straw to drink and try blowing some balloons as exercise can be good elimination of the baby fat on the cheek.

(5) Healthy Eating Habits
Intake of high potassium food promote body’s
metabolic function. High-fiber food, fruits and vegetables are very helpful to slim down our face.

In addition to develop the correct chewing habits, so chewy, so you can well forged to the facial muscles, burning facial fat, for the baby fat effect is excellent.

(6) Drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water every day to help eliminate facial swelling. It also makes your skin looks more supple.

It is important to drink plenty of warm water in the early morning to detox the body and to promote digestion.

If you have constipation problem, add a pinch of salt to the warm water can help digestion and reduce constipation.

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farin 007 says:


Minlal Jr says:

Did it really work??

Teresa Da Ros says:

If you tried it…did it work???
Sorry for my bad English :'D

Lawy Kwas says:

Who else thinks its a lie. If this lady really got a slim face she should be proud not to hide her eyes identity

Jass Gondara says:

everything is fake… why?? nothing works

a.dhivakar ananthan says:

Really works

Beautiful Villian says:

The lady got jaws removal surgery. It is so popular in Asia. Or the cheek fat removal surgery. There are the fats look like egg yolks inside the cheek (Go to find out in anatomy class). These surgeries are so popular and cheap in Asia. Facial massage helps relaxing, not changing hard skull. Or… They are the different women. Look at the hair line. They are not the same person.

Rima Nat says:

Actual video will be appreciated.

mitchy bitchy says:

Here are doctor recommended ones. That work! Do it at least a few times a day. Also ur diet makes a difference


regal rai says:

Will it really work

Deeneez Rosé says:

I'm a slim person but I had a very chubby round face… This is very helpful

Lil Pink says:

My face looks fat

Amanda Xoxo says:

If you have a sensitive skin ahahahahaha

Maia’s Life says:

You will see a big improvement if you

1.put your face in a bowl of cold water for 10 secs and do it four times

Kiana K says:

Some say chew gum some say don’t
I’m kinda stuck here:/

Xie Er says:

1. Use Cold Water Morning/Evening
Meaning diping your whole face in a cold water bowl for 10 sec. 4 times

2. Try a(Ah) o(Oh) e(Ee) Exercises sound 30 times everyday. Maximum extent

3. Facial massage Morning/afternoon/Night
Rub the meaty spot. More then 5 min. Stop when the face feel hot and a little red.
Or do both at the same time rubbing and saying the word owo"

4. Cheeks muscle exercise
Use straw to drinks.. blow balloons to draw out the baby fat away. The fudge… '-'

5. Health eating
Fruits and vegetables.

6. Drink plenty of water..

Edit: I'm starting to have second thoughts of this not helping… -_-

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