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Hey, guys! Today, I’m sharing with you 50 facts about me. Let’s get to know each other a little better! Comment below with some interesting facts about you. Do you want to see more tag or challenge videos? Let me know in the comments below! Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6

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yeep isa sophia says:

Yay I'm a cancer and he is a scorpio, we are very compatible

R14D_ MyN4m3IsJeff says:

is it weird that i have a sixth finger? Dr.Mike if it is pepe hands plz help 🙂

Miscellaneous 29 says:

I'm shy, I love to travel, my sign is Cancer and sky diving is on my bucket list.

Cody Mullenniex says:

Fun fact about myself. I love watching your videos

sawera khalid says:

Dr you're sooooo cute

Charlize Lategan says:

like your video's

Roberta Graupner says:

I can only sleep with socks on and I’m a medical student

Kimmara Pattrice says:

Who asked for that code selfie?

Kimmara Pattrice says:

You're scared of scorpions, you should visit the SW.

Ruby Loverlady says:

Doctor I have a medical question- after watching your videos I get heart palpitations, what do you recommend I do about that? 😉

Galaxies make meh happy folks says:

Everyone’s out here like “doctor mike is sooooo hot” and I’m out here like, “I’m sooooo gay”

Jasmine Hindes says:

Born with gastroschisis

Ayesha Salah says:

I know im dreaming by counting my fingers. They are usually 6 or 7 fingers so i start flying or swimming.

The Chair says:

what's your specialty??

nadine mullings says:

You have a great heart you are people person love you doctor ❤️❤️❤️❤️

quitt mcd says:

Kisses from France

Noeleen says:

Nice to know you have Russian roots (just like my son-in-law)..appearing on FOX..not so much

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