5 Moroccan Beauty Tips

Hello Beautiful People!!

In this video I show you 5 beauty tips in helping your skin and hair the Moroccan way!

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I get Moroccan products straight from Morocco 100% natural
1. Ghassoul
2. Argan Oil
3. Rose Water

My channel will also include a variety of general crazy life encounter story time’s, challenges, and make up tips, tricks and tutorials!

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Mimzy 🙂

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  1. Now in Morocco we have a new edition of Ghassoul mixed with honey !!! You should try it, you feel that it lifts your face skin instantly ! There is another good one the fig oil !!! It’s a new beauty secret, amazing for the skin! Instantly makes it glowy! Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  2. you are stunning + the perfect fun and playful personality, inner beauty to go with your physical beauty.

  3. Sorry but all the tips in the world won't make you beautiful.

  4. Every time I am watching your videos I feel like I talk to a good friend because you look so friendly. God Bless you Mimzy x have a look on my videos I am new here xx love

  5. Kill yourself kahba.

  6. I love the beauty tips on here I do have ghassoul clay already but haven't used steam or turmeric n honey in a while so feeling inspired thanks

  7. squeeze madame when we do wudu this is huge impact on our skin, 5 daily prayers people face glowing and cleaner, non prayer face look dusty and more older than there age. even that cosmetics is weaker than our abolition and namazi people skin, this is miracle from Allah.

  8. Is this girl of Moroccan origin,she looks Moroccan to me but I'm not really sure.

  9. fuck off you re not moroccn shut up

  10. Naaa mate u ain’t Moroccan fammmm we disowned you lol

  11. They're not 'beauty tips'… They're "let's plaster my natural face with loads of chemical crap so I can look and behave like the socially-accepted photoshopped barbie dolls in order to get as much attention from guys to make myself feel good whilst crying for women's rights"

  12. You look better without make up sis ❤❤

  13. I’m Moroccan American Muslim don’t wear out shirt it represents Islam something you hate so much but can’t seem to move on!

  14. i clicked on this this because of the thumb nail

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