5 Mental Health Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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  1. this guy is a complete fucking retard.

  2. Thank you, i really needed that

  3. I love you Ralph!!!!… hugs from Bolivia!

  4. Plant base foods baby!!!! berries!!!!! It really is a HUGE help for frustration/depression. chemicals in our foods make us and keep us sick. Booooo to the chemicals!

  5. Such real and beautifully piercing eyes. Love your channel Ralph. Thanks for your you and what you do!

  6. "Welcome to planet earth, don't worry about it." – Ralph Smart

  7. Born to stand out. Love that.

  8. yeah, kinda get this.
    I get the feeling of separation, feeling disconnected from everyone else. I feel that my unique perspective is real and can have a profound effect on society, but they are just not ready for it.
    This frustrates me, I feel as though I have a gift that no one wants.
    I have to get over this frustration though and not let it get me down, whilst also finding a way to connect with other like minded, develop my perspectives in such a way that I can find a way to communicate them in such a way that people actually understand.

    Its not a case of not caring, its case of caring, but not letting it get me down.

    Its going to be a long journey :-s

  9. Nowadays people are called crazy and put full of neuro-blockers, just for speaking the truth or expressing themselves… No one can refute when you're speaking truth or express true emotions, but that doesn't matter.. you're just psychotic and whatever you do or say must be crazy, no matter how much sense you make.

  10. youre awesome

  11. Thanks for all you do, Ralph.

    It's hard, but I admit that I've been having anger management issues, mainly related to people's reactions, whether they say "I don't like you" or when a girl ignores my text when I invite her over.

    You know, I realize that I really am focusing way too much on the negative; fighting negative with more negative won't do; it won't change anything, and it just makes things worse.

    Actually, there are people who like me; I've had friendly chats with people who are my friends. Many people think I'm funny; making people laugh is a wonderful thing.

    It's so much better, more productive to focus on the positive. Now I understand what you mean when you say whatever you focus on grows.

    Thanks for all you do, Ralph. How did you get so Smart? 😉

  12. You are simply amazing!

  13. You're too cute!!!

  14. Hey thank you

  15. I don't know why, but it relaxes me everytime Ralph talks.

  16. the government its gonna come after u for this video watch out

  17. but ur right

  18. you very funny & smart the same time. you make me smile .I thank you. I learn a lot.

  19. This is SO SO powerful. Mental health issues should never be taken lightly. I make similar videos called 5 minute hacks to help people be self aware. Learning to understand yourself, what makes you happy, sad is crucial to making people around you happy as well. Thank you SO much for this!

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