5 Korean Skincare Secrets to Glowing, Perfect skin! | Alicia Tan

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Products mentioned:
Klavuu Aqua Cushion #23: https://www.indahstreet.com/collections/klavuu
Klavuu Serum Mask: https://www.indahstreet.com/collections/klavuu
Klavuu Actress Cream: https://www.indahstreet.com/collections/klavuu
Klavuu’s website: http://en.klavuu.com

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shonyce johnston says:

I think that people with natural melanin in the skin has a natural UV protectant and dark skinned people age naturally slow as well because their melanin naturally reduces aging

Cristina Aixelá says:

I´m Spanish and love Korean Skincare. I buy many products you have recommended and my skin change very much. Incredible, in the live i have had such beatiful skin. Thank you very much

IA says:

~•1•~ SunScreen 0:55
~•2•~Cushion Foundation 1:51
~•3•~ Hydration 4:10
~•4•~ Brightening Products 5:53
~•5•~ Double Cleansing 7:38

Your Welcome!!

Megha Goyal says:

Don't they have any other work

KiTA says:

Why is everyone focused on just the face? This is annoying because I want something that will get rid of the scars on my entire body and leave me with smooth skin.

93lia 48na은해 says:

Does "Age 20's" count as a cusion foundation ?

Cat Attacks says:

You should have done your research first on cushion foundations….Almay a brand belonging to revlon started the whole cushion foundation thing literally a decade and a half ago, where as Korean beauty trends just popularized it…so always do enough research

Ron Zeth says:

How to have perfect skin? First

Be a korean

Dhiraj Kumar says:

How koreans have glass skin

Viwe Khalishwayo says:

I'm an African, does it work for dark skin I really want to have a beautiful skin too please provide an online site for products

Swertres ASMR says:

Beautiful girl

Jeanette Erandio says:

thx it really helps me get pretty but wut else is in korea?

Jeanette Erandio says:


Kitty_ Kat says:


Marilyn Mckenzie says:

🙁 no colours I can use in those :’(

Kieu Thi Muc Cai says:

I always use sunscreen, everyday…but it’s not working

Valmiki ITI says:

can children use cushion foundation

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