5 GUT HEALTH HACKS | Becky Excell

Here’s my 5 gut health hacks to get your body back on track! I’ve struggled with IBS for years, but these are my biggest and most important tips to keep my IBS in check.

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Tracy Ann says:

Hi Becky. Thanks for another great video. I'm been trying wheat free since Monday to see if that helps so these videos have been a blessing x

Bob FromBrisbane says:

Getting enough sleep was one factor the doctor and dietician both identified for stable gut health. They mentioned the other five you listed. Because of my malabsorption issues I tend to need more sleep compared to other people. Anyone with digestion issues will tend to feel tired especially towards the end if the day.

Shaymaa ali says:

Hi Becky, thanks again for sharing this information. I just wanted to check for how long I need to keep myself low Fodmap. For your considerations this diet is much wider than what I used to eat. So, when someone advises me to make it wider, I become a bit confused as itโ€™s already wide for me. Please, can you help me with that as Iโ€™m a bit concerned about this diet and whether itโ€™s a long term one or not.

CatManTad says:

Tell everyone who would benefit from knowing that you have ibs and a basic summary of what it means. So in the event that you mess up and trigger your ibs you don't have to try and explain it then and there

Beyond Lawliet says:

I'm so happy, for four mornings I've been able to go to the bathroom and I think it's because I've been adding hemp seeds to my omlette or oatmeal. It's amazing. I hope it continues. I still feel sick and weird afterwards, but I'm going and that's what matters. Those feelings could just be because it's been a while, I don't know. I have an appointment on Friday, so I'll ask about it then. But, nerves wrecked this morning, a dish liquid bubble landed on my eggs, I cut that part away and chucked it but I'm still nervous. I hope I'm ok ahaha. I sounds ridiculous over something so tiny but I'm fragile because of this mess, so I worry.

Beyond Lawliet says:

Lately, I've been trying reintro and I've had a fingertip's worth of maple syrup and that was alright enough. I bought erewhon cereal and I'll be trying that tuesday. I'll try your cakes too. I do eat the gluten free oatmeal, not because I need to be gluten free but because I can't eat normal oats. I eat white bread but so far only when it's toasted can I tolerate it. But I'm working on just eating a slice without the toaster. Umm, that's a truth that I worry a lot. This all was so crazy when it started that I know what it's like at its very worst and it's awful so I want nothing to do with it. I'm trying to be leess nervous these days though, so thumbs up for you dear Becky, and a continued hwaiting! (fighting) for me in the struggle.

Becky Gluten Free Bakery Bites says:

I love your top and good tips

karen jones says:

thanks, becky – i didn't know about the prebiotic quality of oats – so this is super helpful for me. you did a great job on this video – you are doing all of us so many favors with these helps. take care, have a great week! ~k

Komet R says:

I love this video Becky! Subbed!!

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