5 Beauty Secrets (Healthy & Natural Look)

5 tips for healthy, natural beauty!
I don’t know if the braces are vegan, probably not. So let me know if you know of a vegan option 🙂
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  1. Her: do exercise
    Me: tf is that

  2. How cute is Sunday here <3

  3. I really enjoyed this video! And I love how you mentioned not plucking your eyebrows, I just this afternoon thought of stopping to pluck my eyebrows and just leave them for what they are!

  4. beauty comes from within? nothing here talks about beauty from within….superficial nonsense for young women, as if it's really needed……wayyyyyy too much self love….

  5. Thank you!! <3

  6. This is my first time seeing your video and I’m gonna subscribe. I love how you said “don’t try to be something your not”
    It’s so true. We are all made different and it’s great to embrace that beauty! Much love❤️❤️❤️

  7. You are so positive and you glow girl. Keep shining and spreading positive vibes. Much Love!

  8. What if you do this and you still have pimples?

    You know what I’m 14 years old I’ll just go with it.

  9. Hello, this process seems to be very tough, there is a quite simple way. Search in google as: "Blast4beauty". You will get wide range of new ideas to enhance your beauty.

  10. hahaha i love your intro. I totally get it

  11. How to be naturally beautiful: step 1- be naturally beautiful

  12. how to get rid of blackheads?

  13. Barbie says people should look how they are meant to look… okay

  14. You're so inspiring!

  15. Almond Oil is good for everything I agree !!

  16. Hey. I just realised you would look great cutting your long hair. a platinum lob 🙂

  17. Let's be honest: None of these tips are going to give me your perfect bone structure and features. The secret of beauty is in our DNA, or in great cosmetic surgery. Oh, also, you have the same name as my cat.

  18. Great tips!

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