4 Unexpected Japanese Skincare Secrets That Will Change Your Skin

Japanese women look young than their actual age thanks to their beauty rituals as well as anti-aging skincare products. In fact, Japan is the second largest market for the cosmetics worldwide (after the U.S). Women in Japan are by far more skillfully interested in skin and hair care than just makeup and fragrances. A Japanese concept about beauty “mie-nai osharé” means “unseen (hidden) beauty”, of which the basic idea is that, beauty does not have to be shown off to be appreciate. The true beauty will radiate, in spite of being exhibited or not. Therefore, they take care of their complexion and hair regularly and meticulously. Here we introduce top 4 best kept Japanese skincare secrets. To know more other secrets, please visit: https://trueremedies.com/japanese-skin-care-secrets/

1. Vitamin C
Among best Japanese skincare secrets, this one will make you look younger. The Japanese appreciate the role of vitamin C and vouch for this vitamin in their daily life. In fact, their diet contains oranges which deoxidize and naturally break up melanin. The secret behind their even and fair skin is exactly this vitamin. It can help to eliminate pigmented marks and even out the skin tone.

2. Azuki
Azuki is used daily by Japanese women in their skincare routines. Azuki is a red bean and could be used topically as an ingredient for rubbing on face to reveal blemish-free and smooth skin. Having deep cleaning once or twice per week using an “enzymatic” exfoliant like azuki powder and marine clay could do wonders for yours kin.

3. Komenuka Rice Bran
This type of food may be little-known for people in many countries, but it is very powerful in Japan due to its benefits for skin. Japanese women use Komenuka rice bran to cleanse, hydrate and naturally lighten their skin tone. It has high levels of vitamin E complex, B1, B3, etc. Komenuka rice bran can nourish the human skin and prevent premature aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it is efficient in eliminating dark circles around eyes and gives a flawless skin.

4. Face Massages
This may be the most famous when it comes to Japanese skincare secrets. Regularly treating your face with massage, either at professional spa or at home, is highly important for having healthy and beautiful skin. In Japan, this indulgence is very popular. When cleansing, the Japanese often massage their face wash thoroughly onto their skin to improve blood flow and circulation and prevent aging. Sometimes, they use a face brush instead of their fingers for the massage.

There you have discovered top 4 out of 24 best kept Japanese skin care secrets. To know more about other ones, check out here: https://trueremedies.com/japanese-skin-care-secrets/

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