4 Things You Aren’t Doing To Grow A Perfect Beard

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  1. ur a highkey douche with really low iq pts and a big ego

  2. i enjoyed the edits tbh. idk why nobody else did

  3. Pretty sure hydrating isn't a big word…

  4. Man fuk him

  5. Is it common for your hair to fall when Washing your beard?

  6. that first scream scared the crap out of me

  7. What a cutie

  8. Hi Drake

  9. Keep still motherfucker

  10. You look like my client Micheal.

  11. that auto focus is pissing me off

  12. why cant you just use hair wax instead of beard palm its the same shit

  13. Damn you look like a ugly arab

  14. Is getting a beard like this is that important to get attraction! Lol

  15. What is wrong with you?? Haha… You're so awesome and funny.

  16. The sound was boomy. It also echoed, not good.

  17. Lowkey look like Lazar Angelov

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