4 Things You Aren’t Doing To Grow A Perfect Beard

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SHLA PAR says:

ur a highkey douche with really low iq pts and a big ego

goku hermit says:

i enjoyed the edits tbh. idk why nobody else did

Wilhelm Wahlberg says:

Pretty sure hydrating isn't a big word…

Abdulaziz122 alj says:

Man fuk him

Abdullah Hussain says:

Is it common for your hair to fall when Washing your beard?

PY says:

that first scream scared the crap out of me

Andre Robinson says:

What a cutie

Tactical Popsicles says:

Hi Drake

Saboor Khan says:

Keep still motherfucker

Jose Parra says:

You look like my client Micheal.

Danny Mexia says:

that auto focus is pissing me off

Danny Mexia says:

why cant you just use hair wax instead of beard palm its the same shit

jj S says:

Damn you look like a ugly arab

Dawson Fields says:

Is getting a beard like this is that important to get attraction! Lol

rad s says:

What is wrong with you?? Haha… You're so awesome and funny.

Carl Eaves says:

The sound was boomy. It also echoed, not good.

Fifa 101 says:

Lowkey look like Lazar Angelov

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