#4 – How to look younger in 5 minutes?!

A normal Wednesday started with a call of my agency I had to shave my beard for the next day. I was scared, because i haven’t shaved my beard completely for over 2 years. So i wanted to film it. My thought were that it will be a funny video me shaving my beard. While i was shaving my beard I decided to take a few pictures with my mustache. It was a funny day and in the end i looked at least 10 years younger!
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– Beard shaving Video of Fabian Arnold @fabianxarnold
– How to shave a beard?
– Best of men beards tips!
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Xerneas 23 says:

FUCK me daddy

Nicat Nurkalem says:

Hello from Azerbaijan

Nicat Nurkalem says:

Hi Fabi how r u

ema donn says:

you are so funny !!!! hehhehehehe !!!

amol sehgal says:


billart60 says:

Ah Fabian, you look so handsome. How's it going mate??!!!
Now make the Agency pay you heaps for personal suffering of shaving off your beard lol.
And get rid of that ridiculous ab machine. Go natural. 🙂

Brad Davenport says:

Apparently I have a baby face still when I shave. Gets me in trouble sometimes because I ended getting carded for R rated movies or buying boozes. Loved the show…

Roche M. says:

Cute if have beard and look sexy

Travis Kerner says:

Killing it as always my man! The ab trainer had my dying hahaha

Jim says:

Fabian your videos are great that was good to watch fun to watch 10 years maybe 9 anyway you look great with or without the beer either ways perfect enjoyed it look forward to your next one

Matt says:

I think you are fat

rrpublic says:

You are not good at shaving your beard. All redness and cuts. If you would like to look 10 year older, trim all eyebrows. Lol just joke. Looking good

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