3D waves | Curl waves | How to curl short hair

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  1. I wish you were in Jackson Mississippi. I need a great stylist to help grow my hair. I have a thyroid disease that affects my hair. Came out badly.

  2. Ok this makes sense. You are pinching the ridge like they taught in cosmetology school. Just you are pinching with the iron instead of with the fingers! Genius!!!!!!

  3. I loving that style

  4. I am feeling that hair colors

  5. I love those colors. You be slaying. Love it

  6. I love your video so much

  7. Beautiful thanks for sharing ❤️

  8. How can you keep her hair healthy with color and relaxer

  9. Hstzyles I seen it to sis… it really is a good technique

  10. This is fabulous

  11. I really love the style and colors what are the colors again

  12. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous, can you do that technique on thin hair also?

  13. You did an amazing job, loving the colors also!

  14. That first part was so smooth!!!❤️❤️ great job

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