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Blue says:

one of my new year resolutions is to do​ a physical activity every day even if it's just walking!

Ally S says:

Loved the look of this video! Very pretty!

Noreen Sharif says:

Thank you for making such positive, uplifting and inspiring videos! They always help me feel a bit more on track with what I want to achieve.

Nina says:

thank you so much- I absolutely loved this! i'm so happy i just recently found your videos- looking forward to watching more! 🙂

alfinou_13 targaryen says:

Love that video maddie! I'm sure it will be viral as well !! Thanks so much for your useful advice ! ! I've used many of your tips over the past year and it has helped me so much ! I'm not vegan but I've incorporated many vegan meals in my weeks (meat only once a week thanks to your tips and cooking videos ) and I feel so much better !!! I've managed to ditch dieting and I've lost some weight already: a huge THANK YOU! One more thing : I was so glad to see Sarah and Cheryl in the clips about inspirational people , they really are !!!

Abby Rozee says:

Knowing how much work went into that background gives me a lot more respect for the finished look of this amazing video!

MarieKhris8 says:

I just love your videos

c w says:

Your body looks amazing! Do u have ur boobs done?

Jessyca Simões says:

I have a question. I know that you used to uk weather, but I’m Brazilian and I have been living in Dublin for 3years and I still struggle with the weather. I tried to do a morning routine and go out to have a fresh air, but is getting darker, colder and the rain is a constant….. do you have any tips? You can do a video about too. I feel my energy goes away because of the weather even to wake up early is difficult because there is no light outside. Thank you so much

Anne Broxham says:

Your videos are set out in such a calming and relaxing way I love it

Hilary - says:

Hi Madeleine, after watching your vegan hacks this is the second video I've seen of yours and I just have to say – you are so lovely! Subscribed straight away 🙂 much love from a fellow vegan xx

Lolita Cripps says:

I love your channel so much, I became vegetarian 5 months ago after wanting to do it for 2 years, but being a home with a family full of meat eaters it was difficult to do. I do want to become vegan, but what would you suggest to do if your still living at home and your family is against it? Xx

Isotta Giacomelli says:

Loved this video, especially the tip about expectations.. it is something I really seem to struggle with, especially with people. In this very moment I'm dealing with having had an image and idea of someone for years, for only now realising it was completely wrong. The disappointment is huge.. and although I'm always looking for the positive side in situations and I'm always accepting people for who they are, believing in someone that much for then having to question everything from the beginning, it's really hard. I'm so glad someone spoke about this and shared the problem, since it's something we could all fall into sometimes. Keep going, you're lovely& a very good influence❤️ lots of love from Italy

Andra V. says:


Gabriella DeVille says:

I have the same pink calendar 🙂
Great ideas, thanks!

mindy geist says:


alyssa young says:

I love this! Thank you! Last year, you inspired me to simplify my skin care and beauty routine. I still wear makeup but WAY less than before and it’s led to me feeling so much more at ease with how I look.

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