You guys are alwaysss asking where i get my lashes so i thought i’d make a video

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  1. Taffy Mink eyelashes at @CabelloQueens for $6 and they're so cute and different

  2. Woww you saved me with these lashes damn

  3. Im looking at what's going on in the background

  4. Eye makeup tutorial plss

  5. Are these eyelashes good quality hair or is that fake plastic type of hair?

  6. Which number they are

  7. girl you are SO pretty

  8. omg you are so so beautiful

  9. The regulations in China are different than the ones in other countries so I’m scared of what these might contain. Has anyone had any problems with these?

  10. I didn't understand a word she said. She needs to slow down and work on her English. Like Omg.

  11. Has Anyone Brought From Her Link If So Which Ones ??

  12. Are you American or English?

  13. Which lashes you wear on this video?

  14. Dream killer

  15. Mink eyelashes are from animals on fur farms electrocuted for these and there fur. Buy faux eyelashes not made from mink

  16. Google fun fur report or check on YouTube where these come from.

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