You guys are alwaysss asking where i get my lashes so i thought i’d make a video



Couture D says:

Taffy Mink eyelashes at @CabelloQueens for $6 and they're so cute and different

Karen says:

Woww you saved me with these lashes damn

dorothydanridge says:

Im looking at what's going on in the background

Anaiss Dontexist says:

Eye makeup tutorial plss

Anaiss Dontexist says:

Are these eyelashes good quality hair or is that fake plastic type of hair?

The White Squad says:

Which number they are

plantbasedpaula says:

girl you are SO pretty

ahgaseNCTzen says:

omg you are so so beautiful

Erika says:

The regulations in China are different than the ones in other countries so I’m scared of what these might contain. Has anyone had any problems with these?

misslyndell says:

I didn't understand a word she said. She needs to slow down and work on her English. Like Omg.

JustUrBeauty says:

Has Anyone Brought From Her Link If So Which Ones ??

San Arsenal says:

Are you American or English?

Schokolocos Frau2 says:

Which lashes you wear on this video?

Yuanna's World says:

Dream killer

Samira Orchard says:

Mink eyelashes are from animals on fur farms electrocuted for these and there fur. Buy faux eyelashes not made from mink

Samira Orchard says:

Google fun fur report or check on YouTube where these come from.

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