15 Beauty Hacks For The Lazy Girl | Aja Dang

I’m Aja Dang and this is my 15 beauty hacks for the lazy girl! These lazy girl hacks are beauty tips and tricks that I actually use. These are lazy girl hacks everyone should know and use and definitely help me in my 5 minute makeup routine!


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L W says:

Hey Aja, love your videos. Thanks for this one, I'm definitely a lazy girl too. 🙂 What's the dry shampoo brand you use?

Janna S says:

What multi-purpose makeup were you using for your lips, cheeks, and eyes in step 8? Its so pretty!

Hsiang Chen says:

I use lighter to heat the curl, it would be so much quicker and more efficient

Zenaide Key says:

I've shown a video to my Mum and she loves you!!Big hug <3!

geeeenaa says:

what eyeshadows did u use and how often do u get touch ups on ur eyelash extension?


You remind me so much of Jessica Gomes yall could be twins and you should have beeen a model you are gorgeouss

Ashwini Kanitkar says:

Love how real you are.So perfect girl!!! Bcp d'amour.

vincent thomas says:

you're cute

clemontinediva says:

I tried the tape trick, it did not work for me but I loved your results! I never bothered to line my lower rim, but I tried a shimmery cream liner yesterday & loved the way it looked – thanks Aja!!!

Dlf says:

I never put foundation/bronzer/concealer on, just bronzer, do I still have to remove my "makeup" every night?

BeccHorton says:

I like your necklace!

Mr. OshagHennesy says:

since i hav a scar right next to my right eye, its hard for my eyeliner to come out beautifully curved or edged so i use tape…

Yumi Tsutsumi says:

omg what's the name of this spray?

L. Rose says:

What's your ethnicity ? 🙂

Axe9909 says:

Your eyes are soooo pretty!! No make up even needed

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