How to get rid of hardened skin on the heels? What to do with dry heels? Grind aspirin tablets into powder and add citric acid. Put this mixture in a plastic bag, put your foot in this bag and put on a sock. Leave for 15 minutes. Old skin exfoliates for 5-7 days. How to get rid of acne? Apply half a clove of garlic to the pimple for 5 minutes.

How to get rid of dandruff? Squash the onions. Squeeze the juice through a strainer. Add coconut oil and burdock oil to onion juice. Stir everything and pour into the spray bottle. Treat your scalp with this dandruff remedy by rubbing it into the hair roots. Wash your hair.

Want to have a perfect smile? I will show you how to whiten your teeth, I have several ways. The first option – mash strawberries and mix with toothpaste. The second option is to add lemon juice to the toothpaste. The third option is to add a pill of activated carbon pounded into powder into a toothpaste. The fourth option is to add kiwi puree to toothpaste. You can also rub your teeth with banana peel to clean plaque. Don’t forget to chew gum after each meal. You can also rinse your teeth with cola – it will remove a plaque.


00:40 Natural ways to get rid of pimples
01:30 Losing hair?
03:04 Blackhead remover mask
05:01 Insane hacks for your smile

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  1. 00:40 Natural ways to get rid of pimples
    01:30 Losing hair?
    03:04 Blackhead remover mask
    05:01 Insane hacks for your smile I HELPED YAA

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