10SKIN MISTAKES for SENSITIVE SKIN | TRICKS for each skincare step!

Eunicorns! As u guys all know, I have sensitive acne prone combo skin! Living a life with sensitive skin can be very difficult, so along the years, I’ve found some tips & tricks that has helped my sensitive skin a lot so here are some of my secrets & for more info of the Giveaway, check below muah!

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Ally WY says:

Hey eonni!! I really love how real you are on youtube. I enjoy all your product reviews and cooking videos! <3 I have made your mayak eggs so many times already!!

Jordan Lonergan says:

Hey! I first subscribed to you after getting into skincare and finding out about wishtrend. Since then you have taught me so much about skincare and you have such a great personality. I really look forward to watching your videos

Jamie Shum says:

For your reviews and recommendations!

shoutayuki says:

I love Euni because I enjoy watching her videos so much and she also helps me so much!!!! I watch her videos on a daily basis and its so entertaining! ❤❤ Sending more love to you from the Philippines!

Instagram: @chieenm

Kristie Carney says:

I originally followed you for skin care. But I continue to follow you because of your personality and your vlogs. You seem like a genuine person who loves interacting with your fans and you have a kind soul. So thank you for sharing your life with us!!

So- Called Contemporary Trailers says:

i've subscribed to euniUnni's channel because i love to know the korean skincare, and what are their secrets for youthful glow. and in subscribing to this channel i started to explore the world of skincare. With euniUnni's advices and hacks for the skin, it does help me.

Samantha Epstein says:

I subscribed to your channel because I love your skincare tips, routines, reviews, and you have the best personality! <3 @samsquamch

nuhaa heynes says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! Super helpful.. My friend and I recently tried a propolis tincture and although it worked for me, it kinda of left her skin feeling a bit dry.. But we both have sensitive skin.. Our skin can sometimes be our worst enemy.

Nilva Longo says:

You talk too me sister. I loved!

DongHyun Lee says:

i love her advices but why is she talking black

Mélodie .D says:

Unni, there is no way you are 34 you must be 24, I think she made a mistake y’all

Shivika Narang says:

Unni thank you so much for these wonderful tips. Now that I think about it, I have irritated my skin by just putting my face in the shower. I always used to think what happened suddenly when this happened.

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